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Were You Created to be a Dreamer?

The universe is a dream dreamed by a single dreamer where all the dream characters dream too.

  Arthur Schopenhauer


Camping at Olympic National Park

Last week Judy and I spent some time camping in our trailer at Heart of the Hills campground in Olympic National Park. We’d been there before but many years ago. Here are some words to describe our time there: refreshing, nourishing, quiet, solitude, adventure, the universe, astronomy, stars, planets, Milky Way Galaxy, sharing, relating, communication, dreams, dreamer, etc.

It was a delightful time and we’ll be going back. The wonder of living where we do a bit north of Seattle is there are three national parks within three hours of our home. The key is making the time to visit them. The most delightful time for me was late on our first night. We headed from the campground at 1800 feet up to Hurricane Ridge at 5200 feet elevation.

New Perspectives at Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge on a clear day is amazing as you look south at the snow capped Olympic Mountains. But a whole new perspective comes into play when you go there about 10 o’clock at night. A science teacher who serves as a campground host during the summer shares some astronomy insights through his 12 inch telescope which he and his students built. On moonless nights, the view is stunning.

What did we see? Saturn with its rings – Jupiter and four of its moons – various constellations – two globular clusters of stars – various nebula – the Andromeda Galaxy. But the most glorious part for me was the beauty of our own Milky Way Galaxy stretched across the sky.

One of Many Galaxies but Home

The Milky Way is a rather average galaxy in many ways; one of billions, each made up of billions of stars. But what makes it unique in many ways is that’s it’s our home; it’s where we live and become dreamers and discover. You see, I believe we were created by God to dream and to explore, to envision and use our imaginations. It’s certainly what God did in creation and we were created in His image.

Our solar system with its star(our sun) sits in a unique place in one of the arms of the Milky Way; a place that allows us to discover the vastness of our own solar system, our own galaxy, and far beyond to other galaxies. We were designed to be dreamers and we live on a privileged planet.

Encouraged to Dream

So when you get discouraged, think of the stars; take a walk under them; take a star bath; breath in the clear night air and allow yourself to bring to your memory the dreams that you have and remind yourself that you and I were created to be dreamers. So be encouraged and encourage others to dream as well. It’s part of what we were designed to do.

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