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There’s Power in Listening to the Whispers of Our Heart

“It’s easy to let the noise of the world silence the whispers of the heart.”

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Doctors Listen to the Whispers of the Heart

We go to the doctor for many reasons but one of the things doctors often do is listen to our heart. And to do so, he/she will put on a stethoscope to better hear the heart.

The stethoscope helps the doctor hear the sounds taking place inside our bodies. It blocks out much of the surrounding noise and helps one concentrate on the whispers of the heart. The whispers tell the doctor some of what’s going on inside which may lead to further tests.

Listening to the Whispers of Our Hearts

In a similar way, we need to listen to the whispers of our hearts which are often drowned out by the noise of our lives and the world in which we live. So many things/activities/needs/habits/hurts block out the whispers of our hearts.

If we don’t listen to them, we will often miss the dreams that God has placed in our hearts and the deep joy He has for us. So how do we learn to listen to the quiet whispers that are so easy to ignore?

Ten Ideas to Help With Listening to Our Hearts

  • Set aside some times of solitude. I find it most helpful to do this outside in God’s amazing creation. Get alone someplace that helps you to dream. Take a walk in the woods or along a stream or other body of moving water and then find a place to sit and ponder. If you can’t get outside, youtube has many videos and sounds of nature.
  • Take along something to write on; a notepad or notebook and a pen that is comfortable and feels good in your hand. For most of us, we will forget if we don’t write things down.
  • Pray and ask God for creative ideas that He has placed in your heart.
  • Now write and keep on writing.
  • Don’t edit. Don’t edit. Don’t edit. Don’t pass judgement on what you have written. Editing and judging at this point only serves to drown out the whispers of the heart.
  • Notice I said in  #1 above to set aside “times” of solitude. One is good but several are much better. We often find ideas continue to come as we make time for them. Most are so unaccustomed to listening to their hearts it may take multiple times before we start to really hear our hearts and the heart of God.
  • Learn to enjoy and be refreshed by the sounds of silence, the water, the cool breeze in the trees, the birds. etc.
  • As you ponder and write, make a note by those things that bring or might bring you deep joy if you did them.
  • On a regular basis, review what you have written and add to them; flesh it out more.
  • Pick one thing and go for it. Take a step toward it, no matter how small.


See you on Thursday when we talk about listening to the needs of our world.


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