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The Donut or the Hole

“As you wander on through life, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.”


When I was growing up, on Saturday mornings in the Iowa town I lived in, I used to go early to the local bakery and buy a warm, fresh, glazed donut or two. They are still my favorite.

When we buy a donut, what are we concentrating on; the donut or the hole. It makes a big difference whether we focus on what we have or complain about what we don’t have. If we concentrate on the hole, we won’t enjoy the donut, but if we concentrate on enjoying the donut, what we do have, life is good.

It’s a challenge in life to make sure we’re thinking about the right things. I oftentimes need to confront myself and to think about what I’m thinking about. Am I concentrating on what I do have and giving thanks for it and learning to enjoy it or am I concentrating on what I don’t have and becoming miserable and a burden to live with?

I give all of us permission today to go buy a donut and to look at it really good before we eat it. Then let’s eat it and enjoy it’s flavor and texture and sweetness and how delicious it is and give thanks. I can taste that glazed donut already.

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