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Choose to Live a Life That Matters

Sometimes We Have to Choose Between Dreams

“Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?”

 Garth Nix


The Gift of Choice

One of the great things about being alive is the power of choice. While it’s easy to bemoan and complain about lots of things in life, some of which we can’t control, we still have choices we can make. But we don’t always like choices because we want it all. It all looks good and desirable to us.

Following a Dream Requires Making Choices

It’s that way with our dreams as well. There are times when we have more than one dream we’d like to follow and explore and pursue, but perhaps time and money and life’s circumstances won’t allow us to do more than one. So, we need to choose.

Choosing Between Dreams

I’m in the midst of that right now; needing to choose between to hobbies I’m interested in. Which one should I choose? I can’t do both at the same time and there’s only so much time so how do I choose? Here are a few thoughts/ideas I’m using to help in the choosing process:

Am I Being Drawn?

Does one seem to be drawing me more than the other? Like the quote above, is there a path to walk that I keep coming back to in some way? Is there a type of path that I keep being drawn to? Is there a path that has the potential to refresh me more than another? Is there a path that will refresh others as well?

Talking It Over With a Friend

It helps to talk things over with a trusted friend. I/we don’t always see things clearly. Others can see things in us that we don’t. They may be able to look at our lives and see a path that keeps drawing us.

Other Considerations

Are there financial and time considerations we need to take into account? Perhaps one of the dreams is for a future time. We need to be careful here so we don’t short circuit a dream just because it may seem impossible but I find I do need to look at these two items.

Listening to Our Hearts

It helps to get alone and listen to our hearts? Is my heart/intuition speaking in some way? Has God planted something there that needs to be explored and expressed?

Choosing may be difficult but I’m continually being reminded of the importance of giving thanks and choosing an attitude of gratitude for the gift of choice.


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