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Robert Gupta – Story of a Man Who Listened to Two Hearts

“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts; such is the duty of the artist.” 

  composer Robert Schumann


Violinist Robert Gupta Listened to Two Hearts

Robert Gupta may be an unknown to you but not after you read this post. He is a fascinating example of a man who listened to his heart and then to the heart, the cries of the world.

As he listened to his heart, he had two dreams. One was to become a professional violin player and the other was to be a medical doctor specializing in the workings of the human brain. He studied the violin much during his growing up years but his love of medicine grew and stayed with him as well.

Choosing Between Two Dreams

He earned a premed degree at age 17 but still struggled with what path he should follow. Then at age 19 he was invited to apply and audition to become the youngest member of the L. A. Philharmonic Orchestra. With that invitation he chose music but also kept his interest in medicine.

Sometimes one has to choose between two dreams that are very important to you. One has to take priority. But there may also be a way for the dreams to work together which is what Robert Gupta did with music and medicine.

Listen to Two Hearts and Bless the World

Robert Gupta plays professionally for the L. A. Philharmonic and as such has blessed many people. But because of his knowledge of how music effects the brain, he has brought hope and healing to many others, including those on Skid Row in L.A.

Gupta is a very unusual person as you’ll come to understand more in this article in the L.A. Times. But don’t let that keep you from listening to the dreams of both your heart and the world/people. Gupta did just that and started a non-profit called The Street Symphony. Spend time on the website and see what music can do for those in very difficult situations.

Dig Deep to Listen to Two Hearts

Perhaps we may not be a famous violinist who blesses and brings healing to many with music but that’s not the issue. I believe each of us has been blessed by God to be a blessing to others in some way. But it takes digging deep to listen to our hearts and to the hearts and cries of people.

In upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing stories of others who have listened to two hearts and blessed the world. For now, let yourself get caught up in today’s story by listening to Robert Gupta as he shares in a TED talk.

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