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The Change Process

If you search on the word change you will find a multitude of websites and books and articles. Some change comes to us suddenly and is oftentimes unsought and unwelcome such as the death of a loved one, an accident, the loss of a job, etc. Yet even in these situations we have a choice as to how we will think about them. There are also many times in our lives when we choose change. We want change. We make resolutions to change. Yet we find change to be difficult and it seems to take too long.

In this blog I simply want to share thoughts with you from many different people that may challenge us to think differently and thus to change. But the process is more than just reading a quote by someone and saying, “That’s good.” It involves making that thought part of yourself. It involves memorizing it and speaking it out loud to yourself, the latter being very important and a key ingredient and needs to be done several times a day for several weeks. It works even better if this speaking out loud is done with emotion. It involves taking time away from other things to reflect on the thought. It involves discussing it with others. It involves praying about it. It may well involve journaling about it. But in the end, if we do these things, we will find that thought influencing us much like food is digested and then influences our bodies. When we begin to think differently, we will begin to act differently and our lives will begin to change. The book by Smalley in the book section is very helpful here.

Much of my thinking here has come as I’ve studied the idea of repentance in the New Testament. Many of us grew up with the idea that repentance meant that we were to change what we were doing, to move in the opposite direction but we found that to be very difficult. But repentance doesn’t quite mean that. It means to change the way we think about something which then results in a change in how we live and act. I have also been intrigued and influenced greatly by the scripture in Romans 12:2 in the New Testament which says that we are to stop being conformed to the ways of the world but instead to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. The word ‘transformed’ is grammatically passive meaning that we cannot do it. It is happening to us but it happens to us as a result of renewing our minds which we are responsible for. Others, including God, may encourage us in this process, but it is a choice that we make. There are many other aspects of change but this is one that I believe is a key. I trust that you will be blessed as you choose to renew your mind.