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Journaling can be a very effective way of processing new ideas and thoughts and I highly recommend it. You can journal either with paper and pen or on your computer. I’ve done both and currently use my computer because of how I can assign topics to various entries and later pull up anything I’ve written about a particular topic. There is no one right way to journal. Each individual is different and you need to find what works best for you. I’ve put on the book resource page a couple of books on journaling that I’ve consulted. If you want to ejournal, there are several good software programs which you can find through a Google search. I use one called “The Journal” and am very pleased with it. Just click on the highlighted name and a new website will open up so you can find out more and even download a 45 day free trial. I do get a 35% commission if you order via this link but use whatever program works best for you and your style and needs.