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Transformation of the Mind by Dallas Willard (clicking on title will open a window in a new site)

A Primer on Biblical Meditation (This article deals with meditation and reflection on the scriptures which I believe are the best thoughts for us to meditate on but many of the ideas apply to reflection on other thoughts as well. Clicking on the title will open a window in a new site.)

Quote by Dr. Paul Meier from Renewing Your Mind in a Secular World (see book resources)   “To prepare myself as a Christian psychiatrist, I undertook college studies, an M.S. degree in human physiology, an M.D. from medical school, psychiatric residency training in two different programs, and theological coursework in two evangelical seminaries. During those years of preparation, I was equipped with many techniques and shortcuts for bringing human beings relief from anxieties, depression, phobias, fears, insecurities, and others kinds of emotional and physical pain. Among the many tools I learned to use, by far the one that has been most valuable in helping people attain spiritual well-being is Scripture meditation.”