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Our Dreams Begin at the End of Our Comfort Zone

“What if everything you’re going through right now is preparing you for a dream bigger than you can imagine.”

 found written on a rock last February


Comfort and Convenience Feel Good

We all like the feel of comfort and convenience. We like a comfortable bed to sleep in with a comfortable pillow. We like comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. We like convenience foods even though they may not be that good for us. We like the convenience of a microwave. We could all list lots of comfort and convenience items here.

Leaving Comfort and Convenience Behind

We don’t really like trials and hardships and struggles and risk but we want the results they bring. When it comes to our dreams, we often want the results of the dream but don’t particularly like the process of getting there. Fulfilling a dream usually means leaving comfort and convenience behind.

Could Our Dreams be Too Small?

We were going to talk more today about gratitude but as I sat down to write, a book came to mind that I’ve been rereading. It’s called Chasing the Lion by Mark Batterson. On the cover of the book is this tagline: “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small.” It’s written from the perspective of a Christ follower. Mark is a pastor in Washington, D.C., just blocks away from the halls of power. It’s a fascinating, powerful, and challenging read and I highly encourage you to pick it up soon.

We Need Time to Prepare for the Dream

When it comes to dreams, it should be high on your priority list and mine. That’s why I’m rereading it, but more slowly this time so I can process it. Dreams take time to come to fruition and I believe much of that time is needed to prepare us for the dream. It’s like we’re not ready for it yet because it’s bigger than we can imagine, and it will require more of us than what we can give right now.

So pause in the rush to fulfill your dream and spend some time reflecting on it and process Mark’s book, whatever it takes to do that. Oftentimes when it comes to dreams, slowing down is best.

We’re in this together. We’re fellow dreamers. Be encouraged.


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