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Lessons on Dreams from Stringed Instruments

“A novel is like a bow, and a violin that produces the sound is the reader’s soul.”

 Stendhal – 19th century French writer


We Can Learn From Stringed Instruments

Can stringed instruments by themselves make music that enriches and enlivens and heals and restores? We talked on Monday about Robert Gupta and his use of music in bringing healing to others in many ways. Today we want to look at particular instruments, either a violin or a cello.

Two Things are Needed to Make Music

By itself, a violin or cello is just a beautifully crafted work of art and physics and nothing more. On its own it can do nothing other than perhaps elicit someone’s awe at its beauty. A second item is necessary if we are to experience the true beauty of the instrument, and that is the bow which is drawn across the strings.

Now admittedly, by itself a violin or cello even with a bow produces no sound. It takes a skilled musician to use the violin and bow together to make beautiful music. No music happens without both and without a musician.

The bow and the violin or cello need to meet. The musician needs to draw the bow across the strings that have been finely tuned.

Two Hearts Need to Meet

In a similar way, it takes a dream in our heart meeting the dreams/hopes/cries of the world to make music that gives life and hope and encouragement to a world in great need.

The Meeting of the Two is Not Automatic

This will not happen automatically. Our dream needs to be worked on and developed and we need a deep understanding of the world’s needs if the right vibrations are to come forth.

It will take much learning and practice. It will take a listening ear and heart. It will take trial and error. It will take humility as we learn from others. It will take risk as we play and put our dream out in public to be scrutinized. It will take perseverance and patience determination.

Instruments are Meant to Bless and so are We

But when all those things come together. When they meet something amazing happens – music or inventions or books or businesses or movies or speeches or students or marriages or discoveries, etc that come alive and are a blessing to many.

We have been blessed to be a blessing.


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