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Following Our Dreams Brings Surprises

Serendipity – “Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.”

Lawrence Block


Surprised by the Hot Weather but What a Surprise

We made reservations a couple of months ago to take two of our grandkids (ages 5 & 7) camping at North Cascades National Park this week. We camped there before in one of our favorite campgrounds. But this time, as we got closer to the date, the weather forecast took us by surprise as it was for 100 degrees. National parks don’t have utility sites so we wouldn’t be able to use our trailer’s aircon.

What to do? We were not going to take the kids there in that temperature and no readily available water to be in. So we cancelled and instead, 3 days before we were going to go, found a county park 40 minutes away that had openings midweek. We grabbed a site as this park is on Puget Sound and temps were going to be in the low 80’s.

Surprise! Surprise!

We had driven through this campground about a year ago and it was ok. Not the best, but ok. Little did we know that during the winter months they had done a great deal of modernizing. We found our site and were awestruck as we pulled in to it. Largest site we’ve ever had and large, beautiful trees towering above us, with a nature trail nearby We weren’t just surprised when we first saw it. Every time we stepped outside, we were amazed. The kids loved it and also the beach which was an easy walk.

Pursuing a Dream Will Bring Surprises

Sometimes when we follow our dream, we find our selves disappointed. Things are not turning out as we thought they would like when we discovered the 100 degree temperature forecast.

Sometimes we have to make a detour and choose what we think is second best or even third or fourth best only to be surprised and find ourselves giving thanks that our first choice didn’t work out. It’s a serendipitous time.

Life is full of challenges and detours and disappointments but it is also filled with surprising moments if we look for them. Following our dreams will help us to learn what serendipity is all about.

Have a serendipity day!

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