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Fear vs Growth Decisions & Our Dreams

“My grandma told me there are only two types of decisions: decisions made out of fear and decisions made out of growth.”

James Altucher in Reinvent Yourself


Update and Explanation

Some of you may have wondered where the blog posts have been the last few sessions. Sorry for missing them. It’s just been a very full time and while I had the best of intentions, somethings had to give and just didn’t get done. Now I’m in Depoe Bay, Oregon for a few days. It’s about half way down the coast, and while it’s now dark, I can hear the surf and the gulls. We’ll be here for the eclipse on Monday but that’s a side benefit since we booked the reservation way before we found out about the moon and sun appearing together.

Fear and Growth Decisions

Yesterday I read the quote above as I finished reading the book, Reinvent Yourself. I was really struck by the truth of the statement and started reflecting on various decisions I’ve made. Was it a fear decision or a growth decision? Now it’s not 100% either way. Some fear decisions can still bring about some growth and some growth decisions can contain an element of fear. But it may be good to ask these questions:

Questions to Ask

Is fear holding me back from making a decision that will bring about good growth? Am I too concerned about keeping things comfortable and convenient, too afraid of risking and adventure? What potential for growth will this decision bring with it? Once I identify the fear and the potential for growth, should I make a habit of making the decision in favor of growth.

Dreams Entail Both Fear & Growth

If we are to follow our dreams, we will face many choices, many decisions. Fear will be present as will the potential for growth. Fear will work hard to keep us from following the path to our dreams. But deep inside we will sense a quiet voice beckoning us to take the path of growth and to say yes to our dreams.

Together, let’s decide to continually say yes to the path of growth and watch fear begin to fade into the distance. Let’s choose wisely which will help us have fewer regrets long term.


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