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Fake News Effects Our Dreams

“Negative mental chatter is the worst kind of resistance, and resistance is the number one destroyer of dreams.”

  author unknown


The Personal Challenge of Fake News

Have you heard of fake news? Something that is broadcast on TV, radio, the internet, or published in a paper or magazine that is purported to be true but isn’t? It’s been in the news a lot lately. But did you know it may very well be in our own lives and hearts and minds as well?

Believing Fake News – Lies

Last week I believed something that wasn’t true; not even closely true. I had pictured in my mind that a situation I did not like was taking place. It could have taken place. The circumstances were certainly there for it to happen. But it didn’t happen.

It surely felt like it was happening. Every indication was that it was happening. My emotions said it was happening and because of that, I was down and discouraged. My mind said it was happening and I thought about it most of the afternoon and evening. Thus much of the day was wasted believing something that wasn’t true.

The Truth and Fake News

The next day I woke up and found out via Facebook that what I thought had happened didn’t. Not even remotely. I was surprised. Shocked. Now my emotions lifted. I was encouraged because the lie I had allowed myself to believe wasn’t true. It was fake news. It was a good reminder to take every thought captive as the Bible says (Corinthians 10:5 in the New Testament).

Fake News and Our Dreams

As I’ve thought about this the last few days, I became more aware of how connected this is to our dreams. How much fake news lies in our minds and only awakens when we attempt to pursue a dream. The lies may have been there since childhood or perhaps it was only recently presented to us via something somebody said or something we read or watched.

But now it rises up and causes us to doubt and fear and instead of running toward our dreams, we give up or at best, limp along toward a future that is no longer very exciting.

Dealing with Fake News Regarding our Dreams

So how do we deal with the lies and fake news about our dreams? On Monday we’ll detail some specific steps we can take to expose and destroy them. But for now we simply need to ask ourselves the question: “Are we believing things that are not true, especially as they relate to our dreams?” Ask the question multiple times and write down thoughts and ideas that come to mind. Don’t evaluate. Just write things down. Record them someplace. That’s the first step. Let’s talk on Monday.


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