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Does Your Dream Need an Eclipse?

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

 Albert Einstein


Beauty of a Solar Eclipse

Millions of people watched the solar eclipse today. We were among them and were not disappointed. The picture above is what we saw just seconds before totality through a bit of fog. It’s called the diamond ring effect. It also happens just seconds after totality. Absolutely beautiful! We’re in Depoe Bay on the central Oregon coast. It’s known as the whale capital of the world with lots of grey whales.

Our Experience Watching the Eclipse

We watched through our special glasses as the moon gradually blocked out the light and warmth of the sun. At about 90% we could feel it getting colder and then at about 95% the light became fairly dim and more of an amber color. Just before totality we took off our glasses and saw what you see above. People yelled and clapped and whistled. Some sat or stood in stunned silence. It was an awesome sight. I found the photo on the internet as I couldn’t capture it with my camera. It was very, very close to what we saw.

Reflections on the Eclipse and our Dreams

As I reflected on it this afternoon, it struck me that it’s not unusual for things to come between us and our dreams, much as the moon comes between the sun and the earth during a solar eclipse. It may be harder to see and follow our dreams as some type of darkness settles upon us and our desire for our dream may even grow somewhat cold.

Gratitude Helps Me Gain a New Perspective

It’s easy for me to complain at times like that and grow discouraged. Fear may come in much like what happens to some during an eclipse when they don’t understand what is happening. But if we look carefully with the special glasses of gratitude, we may well see beauty like we’ve never seen before. We may well gain a whole new perspective on our dream, a perspective that is vitally needed before our dream can be fulfilled.

So let’s be awed and enthralled and grateful at the beauty of God’s creation of the eclipse. And let’s begin to reflect on how gratitude may well be the key we need to realize our dreams. We’ll spend more time on this on Thursday.


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