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Are You a Dream-maker or Dream-breaker?

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always to that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can be come great.”

Mark Twain


Key Question to Ask

A key question to ask ourselves is, “Am I a dream-maker or a dream-breaker to someone else?”

Many of us have experienced a dream being broken and can point to the person or circumstance that did the breaking.

Some of us have experienced a dream coming true and likewise can point to the person who helped make it come true. That person was a dream-maker.

What am I to someone else, a dream-maker or a dream-breaker?

Another Way to Ask the Question

Like the picture above, do I shed light on another person’s dreams to help them along the way or do I cast a shadow on their dreams?

Do my words uplift and encourage and help light the way along the path of their dreams or does my criticism or silence instill doubt and discouragement and fear of failure?

Key to Fulfilling our Dreams

All of us need others to help fulfill out dreams. We are not meant to go it alone all the time. The challenge is to seek ways to be a dream-maker to someone else before seeking a dream-maker for our own dreams. We need the latter but oftentimes the key to the latter is to do the former. Become a dream-maker.

Give and You Will Receive

Life has a way of giving back what we have given out. We reap what we sow. If we become a dream-maker to someone else, we will receive one for our own dreams. But I have found that the receiving usually comes in a way I did not expect. It was a surprise.

Like old hand pumps for water, one had to first put a small amount of water in before the pump would give lots of refreshing water back out. It was the pump’s design. It’s called priming the pump.

So let’s find ways to give life and light to someone’s else’s dream. We will receive a surprising gift in response.

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