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A Delay of our Dreams is not Necessarily a Setback

“Delays are just the beginning of grand adventures.”

  Kathy Carlton Willis


Vacations Sometimes Get Delayed

Several years ago my wife and I made reservations for a trip to Hawaii. We had never been there and still haven’t. We made reservations and plans over the years but had to cancel them three times due to physical problems and surgeries in the family.

But that’s about to change. In 12 days we board a plane in Seattle and 5 hours or so later will land on the island of Kauai, also known as the Garden Isle. It will be a dream come true and even more special because of the delays.

Delays Can Have Benefits

Over the years of delays, we have been able to get a much better idea of what island we wanted to see and what we wanted to do when there. I believe the delays will have been worth it. The adventure will be even greater.

Delays Demand Perseverence

Delays are often part of the process of moving toward our dreams. Thomas Edison had many delays before he invented the light bulb. He tried many things that didn’t work. But ultimately he found one that did. He could have given up many times but he kept persevering because he had a vision, a dream that had grabbed his heart and mind. A delay doesn’t mean that the dream is cancelled.

It’s easy to view a delay as a setback and in some ways it is. But if we continue on, if we press on, if we decide to learn something in the midst of our disappointment, the ultimate fulfillment of our dreams may be even greater than it would have if there had been no delay.

Delay is Difficult but the Results are Desirable

I’m not saying that dealing with delay is easy; it’s not. We live in a microwave world that is expecting things to take place at a faster and faster pace. What used to take the Oregon Trail pioneers six months of traveling now takes us but a few days in a car, far less if we travel by plane. Communication that used to take days or weeks or even months now happens in a split second.

But perhaps the pioneers actually communicated more than we do  in our rush, rush, hurry, hurry world. And perhaps we need time to get ready for the fulfillment of our dream. Perhaps our character needs to develop, or ideas need to develop and come together in new and different ways, or we need to meet other people who are part of the dream’s fulfillment.

I’m sure I’ll have more to share as we move closer to our delayed adventure, but may these words give all of us some help in processing the delays in our lives.

Let’s press on!


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