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Beware of Merging Traffic’s Effect on Your Dreams

“Beware the barrenness of the busy life.”



Merging Traffic & Busyness

Think with me of how the morning rush hour goes for someone living outside a city. When you first start out, there’s not much traffic. You make it to the interstate and all is fine for a bit.

But then you drive a few miles and gradually the highway begins to be clogged with cars and trucks and buses, all that have merged onto the road almost without your knowing and without your permission. Here in the Seattle area we have metered onramps to help, but the freeway still gets full and slow.

Busyness Does Not Mean We’re Productive

Our lives are much like that. Over time they become full and busy and increasingly slow and unproductive. We’re trying to do too many things at the same time. We’ve allowed too many things/traffic to come into our lives and suddenly realize we have no more time to follow our dreams.

We’ve all seen merging traffic signs. They’re meant to warn us of possible danger. There’s busyness ahead.

Warning Signs Needed

When it comes to our dreams, we need warnings that there’s busyness ahead. And if we don’t heed the warnings, like the interstate at rush hour, our lives will get increasingly full and our dreams get crowded out. We need systems of some type to help us so that we can still pursue our dreams.

Begin With the End in Mind

One of the things I’ve found that helps is to begin with the end in mind. We need to find/make ways to make our dreams visible. There are many ways to do that, even something as simple as a daily reminder on our phones that tells us each morning that we’ve decided to make time for our dreams.

It also helps to actually schedule a specific time each day to take some type of step toward the dream we have decided to follow. It doesn’t really have to be that big of a step but a step needs to be taken. We need to schedule the time or life will take over, traffic will merge, busyness will happen, and the dream gets pushed aside. Choices need to be made; sometimes hard choices which we’ll talk about on Monday.

Have a great refreshing, productive weekend.


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