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About the Blog/Author

Most of us desire personal change in various ways and many of us have tried to make changes, some successful and some not. One of the more successful ways I have found is by changing the way I think. Through reading, talking with others and personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that while there are many things in our lives that we have no control over, we do have quite a bit of control over what we choose to think about if we will only make the challenging and oftentimes difficult choice to do so. And we need to understand that much of what we do begins in our thoughts for we tend to become like that which we think about and dwell on. I encourage you to look at the resource page for further info on this.

I have read and listened much over the years and been influenced in my thinking by many authors, speakers, songs, and scriptures from the Bible. I underline key passages and have kept many quotes in a file and on my computer. In this blog I share some of those thoughts and my reflections on them with the hope that you might find them helpful in choosing to live a life that matters.

You may be wondering where the name of the blog comes from. Twenty years or so ago I read about a survey that was done with senior citizens in their 90’s who were still very aware mentally. In the survey they were asked the question: “If you could live your life over, what would you do differently?” The responses were tabulated and the great majority fit into three categories as follows: They would reflect more, risk more, and relate more to others.

Those three themes have stayed with me over the years and I have used them on many occasions. That’s where the name of this blog, Reflect More, comes from. I believe it is the most important of the three items above.

This blog was initially started in 2011 and it ran for 3 years. I then didn’t put up new posts for two years but am now starting again. A new item will be posted once a week on Monday, beginning January 9, 2017. That leaves time between postings to reflect on the thought and apply it. Sometimes it only takes one new thought to make a significant change in your life. More info on this reflective process is found under the resource tab. These postings will be part of a larger project of a book I’m working on.

Perhaps you would like to receive the thoughts and even pass them on to others via the social media buttons you will find on this site. You can also choose to receive each post via email. Each post will be linked to one or more categories so that over time, you will be able to look up a category and easily pull up all the posts connected to it.